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Pineapple Face Mask
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Pineapple face mask is specially developed for those who insist on skin care. The pineapple has a formula that contains natural extracts which can greatly improve skin hydration and repair the damage caused in daily life.
Rich in vitamin C and bromelain, it helps the skin to resist oxidation, remove old dead skin cells, and make the skin softer and more delicate.
It's a dermatologically tested mask to revive your skin, leaving it illuminated and hydrated.
The use of biocellulose means a higher concentration of vitamin B3, chamomile, and aloe vera are absorbed into the skin.
This means you can quickly and effectively give your skin essential nutrients that will keep it looking refreshed.

Makes your skin gorgeous and glowing under makeup.

- Natural-looking skin
- Hydrated skin
- Glowing & Smoothing Skin

How to use
1-Unfold the mask
2-Apply the mask to clean ,dry skin
3-Leave on for 15-20 minutes
4-Remove the mask and massage any excess product into the skin.
sheet mask for single application.

Ingredients :
- Aloe vera: It has an antioxidant effect, helps to repair sunburn, slows down the aging process of the skin. It also helps to nourish the skin and make the skin more supple.
- Hyaluronic acid: Helps keep skin moist, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Increases skin moisture so your skin looks fresh, hydrated and supple.
- Pineapple: Rich in vitamin C and Bromelain, it helps the skin to resist oxidation, remove aged dead skin cells, make skin smoother and more delicate.

Do Not Use on irritated Skin .

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