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Detox Urban Set
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Say Bye to Urban Pollution

Ruby Urban Protection line for protected and Radiant skin!

Urban Care routine effectively works to make your skin appear clean, healthier, and brighter

• Deeply cleanses, removes contamination, impurities and helps remove make-up.
• Does not damage the skin
• Revitalizes, purifies, hydrates and calms.
• Promotes the luminosity of the skin.

You will get your Gift - A bottle of Water- for Ultimate Hydration.(600 ml)

How to use :
- Facial Cleansing Gel : Purges pores and fights imperfections for a daily pollution detox.
Wet hands and gently rub the product until creamy foam is formed, then evenly and gently smear the foam on the face, gently massage in a circle, then rinse with water. (HB-326 /100 ml)
- Facial refreshing toner water : Removes toxins and controls oil. Calms irritations.
Take a proper amount of toner with a cotton pad, gently apply it on the cheek and neck. It can be used twice per day . (Hb-311 / 116ml)
-Facial Antioxidant Serum : Formulated to purify and detoxify the skin by expelling sebum and impurities.
Apply this product on clean and fresh skin, gently massage with circular movements until it is completely absorbed. (HB-415 / 26ml)
- Hydrating cream: Antioxidant and detoxifies your skin.
Apply the product gently on the clean skin Morning and Evening, avoid the skin around eyes and lip, and massage slowly until the product is completely absorbed. (HB- 406 / 50g)
- Facial Cleansing Foam: Deeply removes makeup, cleanses and detoxifies the skin.
Pump a good amount of Ruby Skin foam on your hands, and massage lather onto your face with a gentle, circular motion, also you can massage around your eyes several times until all eye make-up is removed. Rinse clean with water and pat dry with soft towel. (HB-337 / 125ml)
- Exfoliating Mask : Detoxes and illuminates , Get Your Perfect skin in 10 minutes . (HB-407 /50g)

Our Beauty Standard:
- Vegan
- Paraben free
- Oil free
- Formulated without phthalates
- Silicone free
🐰 Neither this soap nor any of our products are tested on animals!

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